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Independent Power Production

Sell electricity as an Independent Power Producer

We're working closely with industry and government partners to develop the standards, procedures and program details (including a Standing Offer Price) that are necessary to put the Yukon Government’s Independent Power Production Policy into practice.

In the meantime, we’re happy to work with Indigenous communities and industry members who wish to explore the independent production of renewable power in each of the communities we serve.


The Standing Offer Program

The Yukon government has launched its Independent Power Production Policy. One element of the policy – the Standing Offer Program – encourages the development of new, small and renewable projects. 

If you are interested in being an independent power producer, below are documents you’ll need to get started, including the application form.




Learn about the policy

The Yukon Government's Energy department has a section on their website dedicated to their Independent Power Producer initiative. Visit their site to learn more about the program and why it's a priority for the territory.

Community Load Data and Fuel Prices

Five communities in the Yukon rely solely on diesel-fueled power generation. We own the diesel power generations facilities in each community and deliver power to local homes and businesses through our isolated distribution systems.

Below is the annual community load data and last year’s average delivered fuel price for each community. In effort to support a level playing field to all citizens and organizations ATCO Electric Yukon is unable to accommodate special requests via email or phone.


Community Load Data


Special Notes:

  1. Long duration values of 0 may not represent outages. Sometimes we are unable to collect data for a specific time period due to technical issues.
  2. Community load data information is only updated annually, and not available for Swift River.


Annual Average Delivered Fuel Price, by Community

Year Old Crow Destruction Bay/Burwash Landing Beaver Creek Watson Lake Swift River











































For more information on the Community Load Data and Fuel Prices, please contact us at 867-633-7000 or 1-800-661-0513.