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Residential Load Connections

Section 1: General Information

Section 2: Project Description

For three or more meters, fill out the multi-residential/commercial load check form. 

Load Breakdown If Applicable

Section 3: Programs & Incentives

The microgeneration program is run through the Yukon Government’s Energy Solution Centre. Applications for the microgeneration program should be submitted through them. Visit https://yukon.ca/en/micro-generation-program for more information.

The Yukon government has a rebate program for eligible level 2 chargers. Include the load information for the charger in Section 2. Visit https://yukon.ca/en/driving-and-transportation/apply-rebate-install-level-2-electric-vehicle-charger for more information.

The Yukon Conservation Society(YCS) is running a pilot program for the installation of ETS units at select homes in the Yukon. Applications should be done through YCS, but include the load information in Section 2 if available. Visit https://yukonconservation.org/programs/energy/electric-thermal-storage for more information

    Please allow for 7-10 business days for your request to be processed and reviewed. A member of the Engineering Team will contact you if more information is needed or once the load check is complete