Our Services


We build and maintain reliable energy infrastructure for our communities.

We deliver electricity to homes and businesses in Whitehorse and much of the Yukon. It’s our job to make sure that power is delivered when and where it’s needed. As part of that work, we build, own, operate and maintain the power poles, wires, substations, and other electrical infrastructure needed to safely deliver power to our customers. We also own and operate a number of power generation facilities across the territory that provides day-to-day and back-up power to our customers.  

Each year, our crews complete a variety of major projects that:

  • Improves power quality
  • Reduces the frequency and duration of power outages
  • Increases the amount of power available to existing customers
  • Makes power available in new development areas
  • Upgrades older electrical systems to current standards


Some of the larger projects our crews are currently working on include:

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