Customer billing & rates

Rates & Regulations

Understanding electricity costs

ATCO Electric Yukon is regulated by the Yukon Utilities Board (YUB). You can learn more about the Board on their website.


Current approved rates

Our website has the most current rates approved by the Yukon Utilities Board. 


Rider F on customer bills is used to collect or refund to customers the difference between actual and forecasted fuel prices. It is a flow-through debit or credit. Like all rates and riders, any adjustment to Rider F is approved by the Yukon Utilities Board before it is applied to customer bills. Information about ATCO Electric Yukon and Yukon Energy's combined Diesel Fuel Price Variance (Rider F) account balance can be found in the latest quarter-end report.

Terms and conditions

ATCO Electric Yukon's Terms and Conditions provide details about the conditions of electrical service as well as the company’s and customer’s responsibilities. They are approved by the Yukon Utilities Board.

Understand your bill

Want to know more about how your bill is calculated? Use our BIll Calculator for a detailed breakdown.